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Liver Specialist Transplant Surgeon in Bhopal
Liver transplant specialist doctor in bhopal

Best liver doctor...gave new life to my father

Yograj Singh

Dr.Gursagar sir is an excellent surgeon I am very grateful that my liver resection surgery happened to be done by him .He is such a nice and gentle person and of course he does a good job and is great at what he does . It was a successful surgery , me and my family will always be very grateful. I was not very scared before surgery as he assured us everything will be fine. He listens to his patients and is very humble he is such a nice doctor. I very much appreciate everything you have done for me! Can't thank you enough sir🙏

Vidushi Dubey
Best liver Transplant surgeon in Bhopal
Best liver Transplant surgeon in Bhopal

I have undergone through radical cholecystectomy under Dr. Gurusagar. I am very much satisfied with the overall treatment done. Also spoke to different professionals regarding the surgery that I have gone through and got very much positive feedback from everyone.. I totally trust and suggest Dr. Gurusagar.. the one who is not only professionally good but also very friendly n helpful at required times

Kishore Naidu

Highly delighted to share the pleasant experience of getting my father treated for radical cholecystectomy by Dr.Gursagar Singh Sahota. Thank you Dr.Sahota. Deeply inspired with your politeness, humbleness, and work ethics (making sure to come for routine check-up of my father even at 02:00 AM in hospital). Certainly, we have won a major part of battle under your guidance against the malignancy.

Raunak Dakhera
Liver transplant specialist doctor in bhopal
Best liver Transplant surgeon in Bhopal

First of all, I want to thank you very much heartily. Gave a new life to my younger brother Nishant Asati ji. I was very upset because of the problem of liver and spleen of my father, uncle and younger brother. Here you treated my younger brother like a doctor and helped as a family member. Even if the financial condition is not good, I will never be able to forget your help and cooperation.

Prashant Asati

A very caring and cherishing soul which would never leave anyone who is need of help and do his almost in his powers to help everyone ... He operated a liver transplant on my uncle 'Yogendra Singh' which was a necessity. Him and his team did a operation of more 24 hours without rest and did a successful job . I'm very grateful to him and we owe him a lot and wish for him to carry his good deeds God bless him and his loved ones

Aryan Singh

Very awesome experience. Successful surgery for corrosive injury esophagus and stomach. Highly recommended for liver and esophagus patients.

Dinesh Tak

Dr Gursagar sir very good liver transplant surgeon. I was troubled by a serious disease. Liver cirrhosis and ascites for 2 years. I got a lot of treatment but the disease kept on progressing. I was getting weak day by day. Dr Gursagar sir did my liver surgery 3 months ago today I am completely healthy. For me sir is god. Thank you Dr Gursagar.

Deepak Sharma

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