Esophageal Operations

A long, hollow tube that runs from your throat to yourstomach. The Esophagus helps move the food youswallow from the back of your throat to your stomach to be digested.

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Types of Esophageal Operations

Open Surgery/VATS

Benign Tumors of Esophagus

Benign (non-cancerous) tumors can sometimes form in your esophagus. The most common type is leiomyoma, which is a smooth muscle tumor. Leiomyoma can form within the walls of your esophagus or within the esophagus’s hollow tube. These tumors cause difficulty in swallowing of food. 

Esophageal Malignancies

Esophageal cancers can cause difficulty in swallowing and weight loss. These cancers occur in old age and in smokers. Multi-modality treatment (Surgery+Chemo-Radiotherapy) is needed for such Cancers.

Esophageal Replacement Surgery

Also known as Corrosive strictures of esophagus. Chronic complications of caustic ingestion include stricture formation, gastric outlet obstruction and malignant transformation. Patients with esophageal strictures usually complain of dysphagia and substernal pressure, and may become symptomatic 3wk or later after ingestion.

Stomach / Colonic Conduit

The stomach, jejunum, and colon (right, left or transverse) have all been proposed as potential solutions. The stomach has gained favor for its length, reliable vascular supply and need for only a single anastomosis. However, there are times when the stomach is unavailable for use a conduit.

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