Liver Transplant

It is a treatment that involves surgical removal of your entire liver which is then replaced with all or part of a healthy donor liver. This may come from a living or deceased donor. Having a healthy liver is essential to longevity because your liver is responsible for filtering and removing toxins from your body. 

Liver transplant is a last resort measure for chronic liver diseases and severe acute liver diseases.

Best Liver Problems Doctors In Bhopal

When to perform a Liver Transplant

The following factors are considered by the medical team to determine if a patient needs a liver transplant:

Severity of your condition
Overall Physical Condition
Other Medical Conditions
Your Mental Well Being
Level Of Support From Family/Friends
History of a Chronic Infection
Different circumstances

It can be done in

  • Adult
  • Pediatric

Special Scenarios

  • Combined Liver Kidney Transplant
  • ABO – Incompatible Liver Transplant
  • Re-Transplantation

Types of Donors

  • Living Donor
  • Cadaveric

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